Thursday, January 10, 2013

Icky ears and feelings

I've been digging deep. Which is good because the smallest babe has an earache and a close marriage is rocky.

First earache needing antibiotics in our house. Screaming nights and naughty days. Hopefully the pink goo will have her feeling better soon. So I can sleep. And she doesn't hurt.

My folks split 9ish years ago and it's wasn't pretty. Is it ever? I thought this couple was rock solid, not like a rock slide. They patched after some ugly last year and then failed again almost exactly a year later. Not sure what the plan is. Keep trying again? I'm not supposed to know, which is odd... Could communication be THE issue? Isn't is always?

Makes my tummy icky. Makes me question everything in my own marriage. Makes me want to do better in my marriage. But how?

I am surrounded by good examples too. Two couples I can think of in particular. I need to snuggle up and watch them and learn. Soak up the good and learn from the bad if I can. And nag my husband to do the same. Oh, that isn't good for marriages? Well shit.

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